Welcome to our dental office! At our practice our goal is simple. We wish to form long term relationships with our patients. How do we do this? We see that your trust in us is an obligation to provide you with the highest quality of service available. This is done by commitment to empathy, quality, a wide range of services in our office and affordability. This is our mission to you.

Comfort.       We have many people that enjoy coming for their visits to us. After more than three decades in Springdale we have become part of many families. Your comfort in our office is our goal.

Wide Range of Services.  We care for all ages- small children to retired folks. We provide the highest levels of cosmetic dentistry as well as caring for medically compromised and the disabled. We listen to your needs and we provide solutions for them. We listen and involve your wishes in your complete dental care.

Quality.         It goes without saying that listening to patient’s needs is not enough if you don’t provide the quality with your services. We never compromise on providing the highest level of satisfaction for you.

Affordability.  We understand that going to the dentist can be costly especially if you don’t have dental insurance. Even with insurance, advanced procedures can be costly. We spend the time to discuss treatments and alternatives that are affordable. Second opinions are always welcome.