Snoring is a common problem among Americans. It is estimated that 30-50% of the population suffers from this conditions. It not only affects themselves but their spouses and children with lack of sleep, irritability and poor daytime performance at work and school. Perry Frydman DDS Snoring Solutions

What is snoring and sleep apnea?

Because of the relaxation of muscles and tissues in the mouth and throat as we fall asleep, the airway may start to close. As this occurs a snoring sound can be produced. Increased body weight, alcohol usage and some medications contribute to snoring. When the airway completely closes the condition known as sleep apnea occurs. In either case the patient may experience:

  1. Sleepiness at work or driving
  2. Morning headaches
  3. Irritability
  4. Depression
  5. Mood swings
  6. Problems with focus and attention

How do we treat these conditions?

The key to treating this condition is with opening the airway and allowing more air to reach the lungs. We can fabricate a device for patients called a Mandibular Advancement Device when worn at night will comfortably allow the airway to open and give you a complete nighttime of restful sleep and also stop your snoring.

SAME DAY DENTURE REPAIRPerry Frydman DDS same day denture repair

Breakage of a denture or loss of a tooth from a denture can ruin a person’s day. We work closely with our local laboratory to provide you with repairs that are long lasting and done in a day. Call us immediately at (203) 323-5905 should this happen to you.


norwak hospitalDr. Frydman is the only general dentist on staff at both Stamford and Norwalk Hospitals. StamfordFor over 20 years, he has been on staff at both Norwalk and Stamford providing care that cannot be obtained in a standard dental office setting. He is certified to treat patients in an operating room setting under full general anesthesia for those patients that cannot be treated with local anesthesia alone. In many cases, he can also treat bedside.


Our office at 22 Knapp Street is completely accessible to handicap patients of all types. Perry Frydman DDS handicap accessibleWe offer an extra-large treatment room that can accommodate wheelchair patients with ease.


We occasionally get calls from patients who are experiencing dental problems and cannot for many reasons leave their homes. Perry Frydman DDS house callsDr. Frydman often visits these patients at their homes and makes assessment of their needs. Often treatment can be rendered where you live. If necessary, transportation can be arranged and treatment provided in his office or hospital. Please call us with your needs and we will discuss a plan and arrange a visit.